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Learn from experts and earn 20 CPD hours. This course is specifically designed for accountants and will provide you with the skills to prepare income tax returns for individuals and other organisational structures.  It provides you with the essential tools for income tax, GST & FBT. Read more.


This course will provide you with the skills to prepare income tax returns for individuals and a range of organisational structures in accordance with New Zealand’s statutory requirements. This in-depth guidance is offered as a comprehensive e-learning experience. Read more.


Gain the skills to understand how FBT works and its application to business. You will learn the compliance requirements relating to FBT and be able to prepare FBT returns and calculate the taxation liabilities of a company’s FBT obligations. Read more.


Many small business owners wish to prepare their own tax returns but want to be certain they’re getting it right. Our GST Toolkit will provide an understanding of the nature and scope of goods & services tax in New Zealand. Read more.

How can The Career Academy help you succeed?

  • We have a range of courses to suit beginners, students, business owners, accountants and CA teams. They are suitable for people returning to work, looking for new career opportunities or those new to NZ.
  • Our course tutors are licensed tax professionals and experienced trainers.
  • We support you with easy-to-use course material and detailed case studies.  Our goal is to make your learning experience as engaging as possible.  We have summarised the complex field of New Zealand tax law and developed concise, work-related courses.
  • Our training courses are nationally recognised.


Our Promise to students

We believe the most important part of a promise is not the making of the promise, but rather the keeping of it. We work hard to meet our students’ expectations and strive to deliver high quality educational support to help candidates pass their exams and become qualified.

We promise:

  • To deliver a range of educational support specifically developed to meet the different needs of our students.
  • Our tutors are highly qualified accountants, experienced in the professional delivery of online courses.
  • To listen. We want to hear from you; let us know what we’re getting right as well as what we can improve on.